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Toll Free Number : 1(877) 541-1174

Colorkeys is a company run by very open-minded people. All suggestions are considered and all comments are appreciated. We would love to hear from you whether you are considering to purchase Colorkeys or already own Colorkeys. Whether you are a retailer or if you are a school looking to improve on a music course. Send us an email, send us a letter. Your feedback counts a lot at Colorkeys. Thanks.


Customer Service

Have questions about Colorkeys? Email and we’ll do our best to answer your question.


Retail and Education
If you are a retailer who would like to sell Colorkeys in your store or if you are school that would like to introduce Colorkeys to your students, contact


General Questions and Comments

General Questions and Comments

For all general inquiries or if you’d like to just pop us a line to say hello and tell us what you think about Colorkeys, you may send an email to or you can send a letter to Colorkeys Inc.
52 Sultana Ave, North York, Ontario, Canada M6A 1T1.