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What Is Unique About Colorkeys at School

Colorkeys Music software enables full classes to learn how to play keyboard simultaneously. Even though students learn as a class, with the Colorkeys Music program they are each able to move along at their own pace.Our patented colors allow students to almost immediately identify what the notes they see in front of them and where to find these same notes on the keyboard. Our teacher resource center makes teaching smooth and easy – teachers do not need to come up with a curriculum, it is provided for them.


Colorkeys in the Classroom

Each student is equipped with a computer and a keyboard.Each keyboard is connected to the computer using a USB chord. The program includes a virtual, computer-based teacher explains the concepts on each page as animations are seen on the screen. A live teacher is on hand to guide students along the way. Students are able to access the program with the lessons and music at home via our website, thus ensuring their success in class.


Colorkeys’ academically sound curriculum provides a solid learning experience. Each student’s learning and achievements are tracked. This enables immediate and individualized feedback for all students. Using a data management system, teachers are able to track student progress and print out reports. The Colorkeys program meets and exceeds curriculum guidelines for most States (USA) or provinces (Canada). If you would like please email us at and include what State you are inquiring about. We can then send you the appropriate information.


Student Engagement
Using state of the art technology and very appealing graphics, student engagement in the software is immediate. Learning games and challenging songs are incorporated for appealing self assessments. This motivates students to achieve and exceed their own goals.


Why Choose Colorkeys
The Colorkeys program can be seamlessly integrated into any school environment and curriculum.

        • No Music room Needed:
          Entire classes can utilize existing computer lab facilities with minimal set up
        • Any teacher Can Teach:
          Because of the simplicity of the program and the clear lesson plans, the regular classroom teacher can teach the program.
        • Minimal Teacher Preperation Needed:
          The program comes complete with teacher resources for lesson planning, testing, and grading


Manual for ColorKeys program for schools
For more information about bringing Colorkeys to your school and on pricing, please call 1( 877 ) 787-7353 or email