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Learning Piano Doesn’t Have To Come With Frustration.


Spending thousands on lessons? Constantly battling with your child to get them to practice?Playing Colorkeys Is your child getting frustrated just struggling through the basics of playing? Has your expensive piano become a plant holder and dust collector?


Colorkeys understands your frustration and has developed an innovative solution.


The Colorkeys Music program offers an easy-to-use method for users of all ages to learn piano/keyboard and to improve their music literacy. The Colorkeys method uses color in both the notes on the screen and on the piano keys themselves. Aided by these colors, children are able to play entire songs in a fraction of the time, without any previous musical training


Our software programs stand out amongst their counterparts because they balance exciting and engaging content, which keeps children entertained, focused and eager to continue learning, with instructional content that is academically sound and provides a solid learning experience. Say goodbye to expensive lessons and let your child become a self-motivate learner and work at their own pace.

Please visit the shop page if you are interested in purchasing the ColorKeys software for Windows PC. There are two levels or Missions. The second Mission builds directly on the first; the two can be completed back-to-back. Please review these technical requirements to ensure that your systems is compatible before purchasing.


Technical Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista or 7
  • Pentium 4 (2.0 gHz) or equivalent
  • 1GB RAM
  • USB input
  • Audio output (headphone jack or speakers)
  • a USB midi piano keyboard (M-Audio Keyrig 49 ONLY; other USB midi keyboards may work, but we have only tested the M-Audio in depth)


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